8Bit Fiesta Won!

The winners of the AirConsole Game Dev Contest 2017 has been announced and 8Bit Fiesta won!

AirConsoles motivation:

“8Bit Fiesta is a party game collection for 2-4 players, rocking a retro pixel look – it offers fast action, an incredible wealth of different micromechanics and even a built in drinking game. (Which we of course only recommend if you’re a responsible adult)

8Bit Fiesta was not originally created for AirConsole, but was launched on Steam in last September. We are impressed by the sheer amount of content within, by its variety and its creativity. 8-Bit Fiesta represents the AirConsole spirit very well and we’re sure this will become one of the community’s favorites in no time. The game is fast, fun and simply a fantastic addition to the AirConsole store.”